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Solenoid Solutions: Rapid Response

Depend on Solenoid Solutions, Inc. for the highest quality solenoid valve to fit your application. As solenoid valve manufacturers, we sell direct, give quick quotes over the phone, have engineers at the ready, and deliver your prototype in five days or less. Once a project is approved and in production, we’ll even manage your inventory for you. How’s that for service?

Viscous Pumping Help

One problem that many factories face is the issue of pumping viscous liquids from one place to another. Pumps and valves do not work the same with viscous liquids as they do with less viscous liquids, and finding the right solution for the right liquid can be a challenge.

Proportional Solenoid Valves: For Precision

Precision is an obvious priority in certain industries, such as the medical and surgical field. These supplies and machines must be handled and operating perfectly because peoples’ lives depend on this. Another industry that requires exact regulation standards is the manufacturing business, which is often operating huge and dangerous machines that must work right or the workers could get hurt. Funny that such a small device like a proportional solenoid valve can have so much control among medical machines and manufacturing factories. This particular style of solenoid valve was developed specifically for industries that need precision in their gas or liquid systems.

The Technology of Proportional Solenoid Valves

Proportional solenoid valves are surprisingly complicated. The way that the valve works is through the balance between the forces in the action of the plunger. This balance is achieved through a mechanical force provided by a specifically-designed spring and a current that passes through the coil that creates a magnetic force. The spring force is opposed by the magnetic force, which keeps the valve in balance. The valve works because the current that passes through the valve heats the coil, which increases the internal resistance. When the resistance is increased, the current drops and the magnetic force drops. This causes the valve to close. When the valve closes, the current and magnetic force can increase, which will cause the valve to open again.

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Precision With Proportional Solenoid Valves

In many industries, precision is a very vital thing to the success and efficiency of certain processes and products. This is especially true in the surgical or medical field, where cases of life and death are very real. The manufacturing industry also depends on the accuracy of their machinery in order to make products correctly. These industries must conform to exact regulation standards, where accuracy is essential to the success of the business.