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Fluid Industrial Manufacturing, Inc. Offers Superior Chiller Design and Services

Fluid Industrial Manufacturing is a leading pioneer in the Heat Transfer and Fluid Dynamic industries. For over 35 years we have combined our experience and engineering excellence to custom design, engineer, manufacture, and install Process Chillers and Heat exchangers for any application. Our experienced staff specializes in the production of custom-built compressor chillers, offering best-in-class process chiller design and manufacturing services.

Chillers Matter

Chillers can be found in many aspects of your life, even if you do not realize it. Anything that you may like cooled or to maintain a specific temperature most likely uses a chiller to accomplish that. The big, old brick house I grew up in did not have air conditioning. Most summer nights were bearable with open windows and a fan. About three nights a year, however, it wasn’t bearable, it was awful. I tossed and turned, hoping and praying for an air conditioner. I now realize I was hoping and praying for a chiller.

Process Chillers: A Process for Daily Use

Growing up in a newspaper family I learned in the ins and outs of a printing press and the process involved. As a child I loved walking into the printing facility and letting the smell of ink and paper fill my nose. Process chillers are used extensively in the printing industry to regulate temperatures in the presses.

4 Applications for Process Chillers

A process chiller is a machine that offers quick cooling and refrigeration for industrial applications. Often, cooling a product or material is necessary during the manufacturing process, which is how the units get their name. Process chillers manufacturers make several types of process chillers depending on the use in the factory. The chillers come in different sizes depending on the use for the unit. Usually, the units can handle loads up to 200 tons for large units and 40 tons for compact units. Process chillers manufactures create specialized chilling units for the following industrial applications:

Changes in Data Cooling

Data centers are set to see a huge number of changes in the technology used to keep the servers and other hardware cool. In the past, servers were cooled through a variety of methods, including oil cooling, air cooled liquid chiller cooling machines, and a large variety of fans. Most data centers kept their locations cool with large air conditioning units as well as individual cooling chillers and fans.

The Importance of Process Chillers

This summer seemed to be exceptionally hotter than all the other summers I can remember. That might have had to do with the fact that this was also the summer where the air conditioning in my car went out, and I spent the summer in an apartment with one of those small window air conditioning units. Having no air in the car and a small box in the window did little to nothing to cool me down during the dog days of summer. Luckily, by next summer the air in my car will be fixed and I will be living in a place with central air. This summer did teach me an important lesson though; never underestimate the power of air conditioning.