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Ferralloy Offering Investment Casting and Forgings for Metalworking Customer Base

Ferralloy has established itself as one of the leaders in the investment castings and forgings industries since 1978. We have sustained our successful business by developing high quality products, providing exceptional services, and delivering on time at a competitive price. Ferralloy is committed to providing the metalworking industry with castings, fabrications, forgings, machining, and various other products and services. We are constantly improving upon the manufacturing process, while managing our staff to support the ever changing industry.

4 Reasons to Choose Precision Casting

Investment casting is the process of pouring hot and melted metal into a cast mold to create a part or product. Investment casting is one of the most reliable methods used for forming detailed parts of metal pieces, and is often used to create delicate machine parts used in vehicles and manufacturing processes. However, sometimes basic investment casting is not detailed enough to complete the job. This is where precision casting comes into the picture. Precision casting is aided by computers and detailed machinery to create the most detailed metal parts and pieces possible.

Benefits of Precision Casting

Precision investment casting is the process of creating investment castings with the highest level of detail and customization. The precise nature of the casting enables the manufacturer to create even the most detailed and delicate shapes through the casting process, which is unusual for most casting processes. When you switch to precision investment casting, you will incur the following production benefits:

Common Defects in Copper Casting

The metal casting process has changed little in the thousands of years since its original invention. Today’s copper casting companies have invented new machines and casting materials that make the process easier and defects less likely, but in the end, the overall casting process remains the same. First, the copper is melted, then poured into a mold and allowed to harden. After the metal hardens, it is removed from the mold and polished and modified until it reaches the desired shape, texture, and brightness.

How Precision Investment Casting Services Serve Industry

I once saw a video about the investment casting process, and I was struck by a few things as I was watching it. First, I was struck by the number of different phases involved in the process of investment casting products. The pattern making phases, the shell coating phases, the casting phase and the shell breaking phase each seem complicated enough without being combined together into one metalworking process. I was also struck by how such imprecise-looking shells could produce casting with such precision. Of course I realize that an investment casting shell will not look particularly well-formed from the outside, but it was still striking to see a precise, intricately-formed casting emerge from the seemingly plain shell.