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Nol-Tec Systems specializes in pneumatic conveyor systems, material handling conveyors and dry sorbent injection technologies. Some of our product solutions include dry sorbent injections, activated carbon injection, dense phase conveying dilute phase solutions, pneumatic blending, weighing and batching, electrical process controls, and different components.

Conveying Seeds in Industrial Settings

Dense phase pneumatic conveying systems use low-velocity motive gas with a high-pressure differential to move bulk materials quickly and easily. Many manufacturing companies that work with delicate materials choose dense phase systems over less dense systems because the dense phase systems work with lower velocities than other conveying systems. Low velocity is easier on delicate materials that could become damaged by harsher transportation processes.

J.D.B Dense Flow, Inc: Leaders in Pneumatic Conveyors

Since 1976, Palm Harbor, Florida has been providing the pneumatic conveyor industry with one of the most exceptional organization’s in the industry, J.D.B Dense Flow, Inc. The experience that J.D.B Dense Flow, Inc uses in their products is applied by designing and manufacturing some of the most cost effective, efficient, and high quality dense phase pneumatic conveying systems available. The company offers a system with low initial cost, low installation cost, and low maintenance characteristics. Combined with their experience and ingenuity, J.D.B Dense Flow, Inc is dedicated to providing the best and brightest to all of their customers, no matter the project.

A Primer on Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Dynamic Air Inc., a major leader in the dense phase pneumatic conveying industry, is a specialist in the pneumatic conveying of dry, bulk solids. Applications range from food to poison, from light fumed silica to heavy powdered metals. However, all of these applications have one thing in common, the necessity to control the conveying velocity in order to control particle degradation, conveying pipe wear, minimize air consumption, or eliminate pipe line plugging. What is Pneumatic Conveying? Pneumatic conveying is nothing more than creating a pressure differential along a pipeline and moving a bulk material along with the air as the air moves towards the area of lower pressure. This can be done with a vacuum inducer, or with compressed air being injected into one end of or along the pipeline. Dilute Phase vs. Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying The two most distinct categories of pneumatic conveying can be described as either low pressure (dilute phase) or high pressure (dense phase) systems.

Eliminating Wasted Production Effort

Using three principal factors to customize pneumatic conveying systems…Material transfer is an integral part of any operation. When increased production demands and new product lines challenge a processing line, those charged with optimizing production must evaluate an array of factors when determining the best method for moving chemical ingredients. To eliminate wasted efforts in production, manufacturers are moving away from conventional methods such as bucket elevators and hoists that can present a variety of challenges in the processing plant, and into more automated processes using pneumatic conveying technology to move material.

New Sanitary Bag Dump Station by Flexicon Corporation

BETHLEHEM, PA, USA-A new Sanitary Bag Dump Station for pneumatic conveying systems collects dust created during manual dumping of bulk materials from bags, boxes, drums and other containers, and allows rapid, tool-free wash down, according to David Boger, Flexicon’s Vice President Sales and Marketing. Optional rocker arms support the hood assembly above the hopper rim, eliminating the need for operators to lift and remove the hood during cleaning and inspection.