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Flexicon Corporation: Global Leader in Excellence

Flexicon Corporation is a manufacturing company with a global reach that serves a wide range of industries with a number of different products. From pneumatic conveying to bulk bag fillers you can look to us to provide you with high quality products no matter where you are located. We have locations all around the world on 6 different continents in order to not only provide you with the best possible product but also the best possible delivery times, no matter where you are.

The Importance of Bulk Conveyors in Coal Mines

One of the most important machines in any coal mine is the bulk conveyor. A bulk conveyor is a conveyor that can carry large amounts of products from one place to another quickly. Conveyors are used in coal mines to transfer the coal and also to transfer dirt, rocks, and other materials out of the mine to make it easier to find new coal sources. Conveyors are such as necessary part of the mining business that the industry can claim the world’s longest conveyor belt, which is nearly 61 miles long.

What is Pneumatic Conveying?

A pneumatic conveyor is a conveyor system that uses the power of air to transport goods from one place to another. Most pneumatic systems are used with lightweight, dry materials, such as grain, sugar, sand, and other granular materials. The pneumatic conveyor transfers the material from one place to another using a series of tubes, much like the tube that carries your money from one place to another at the bank drive-through.

IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: Smoot, Division of Magnum Systems

While the pneumatic conveying industry has not seen a great deal of innovation in the past half century, the core values upon which Smoot was founded demand it. Smoot employees are encouraged to not only embrace, but to drive change within the organization and, in turn, the industry. The company is distinguished by its ability to recognize and react to emerging trends as well as the needs of each consumer, attributing much of its success to the philosophy of ‘making the Customer’s problems… Our problems.’ With that in mind, Project Engineers work with every client to come up with the best solution, resulting in improved process and product quality.