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Whirl-Air-Flow Corp: Industry Innovator in Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Whirl-Air-Flow has been specializing in the design, development and fabrication of pneumatic conveying systems since 1946. Our vast experience in dense and dilute phase conveying systems spans across a broad range of industries. Whirl-Air-Flow has over 55 years of specializing in dense and dilute phase conveying systems, blending systems, bag unloading systems, central vacuum systems, process controls and air slides to name a few. We provide in-house specialty fabrication in an ASME Certified fabrication facility of code vessels, specialty tanks, support structures, and periphery equipment.

Bulk Up: Heavy Duty Bulk Conveyors

Bulk conveyors are designed to carry large amounts of material from one place to another. Often, they are used to transport raw materials, like rocks, sand, or other heavy, raw materials. Depending on the conveyor, some bulk conveyors are constructed for light duty and the transportation of lighter and less abrasive items, while others are used for transporting the heaviest and most abrasive materials available.

How Do Pneumatic Conveyors Work?

Pneumatic conveyor manufacturers create a variety of pneumatic systems for a variety of transportation methods. In general, a pneumatic conveyor is designed to move lightweight material quickly from one place to another without hassle or a large amount of space. It is common to see these conveyor systems used with grains and other loose material as well as lighter manufactured items, like plastic bottles and containers. Most pneumatic conveyor manufacturers use a similar design for their machines, which help move the materials quickly without clogging or other problems.

5 Benefits of Pneumatic Conveyors

The expensive cost of pneumatic conveying systems prevents many factories and transportation companies from implementing them into their everyday factory productions. However, this can be a disadvantage. There are many excellent benefits to pneumatic conveyors that make them an excellent choice for transporting materials quickly from one place to another. Before writing off a pneumatic conveyor immediately, consider the following benefits of this effective conveyance system: