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Monster Bins – Dependable and Practical Storage Solutions

Beginning in 2004, Monster Bins® has become quickly established in the United States as a dependable supplier of heavy-duty, plastic storage containers. We offer a practical storage container option for every industry, including hotels, restaurants, and hospitals. Offering both bulk and wholesale purchasing options, we have the right storage option for you.

Plastic Bottles as Roofing Tiles

The plastic bottle has a poor reputation in the modern world. The rise of bottled water has made pollution from these plastic products higher than ever, but there is no sign of the industry slowing down or being eliminated completely. Because of the persistence of the product, many people and companies are coming up with new ways to use the bottles in other products and processes to prevent landfill waste and improve the overall quality of the environment.

Flexible or Inflexible Plastic Containers?

Clear plastic boxes are one of the best ways for manufacturing companies to package their products. Many different companies use clear plastic boxes for different products from toys, to medical equipment. A clear box allows the customer to see the object inside and tell exactly what he is purchasing. Clear packaging also signals that the company is confident enough in its product that there are no secrets withheld from the customer with obstructive packaging.

Plastic Containers and The Environment

Plastic bags are the bane of environmentalists everywhere. Plastic bags are not only bad for the environment, but they can also be difficult to recycle. Surprisingly few recycling centers will accept plastic bags. One of the best ways that a company can improve their environmental impact is to start accepting plastic bags for recycling. A company can either recycle the bags on-site, or transport the bags to a suitable recycling center as bags are donated.

IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: MOD Custom Rotomolding

Nearly 80 years ago Edwin Meese founded Meese, Inc. in Madison, Indiana. Now known as the Meese Orbitron Dunne Company, often abbreviated MOD, Edwin’s vision has grown to become an award winning powerhouse in rotomolding and plastics design. MOD continually invests in the most sophisticated rotational molding equipment available to deliver ever superior product quality. MOD’s concern for quality reaches beyond manufacturing to the environment as they strive for improvements in energy and material efficiency. More than effective and efficient machinery and processes, MOD owes its many successes and accolades to the vast repertoire of talented and knowledgeable experts that have been a hallmark of the company since its earliest origins.