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Reliable Plastic Bags from Multi-Pak USA Inc.

Here at Multi-Pak USA Inc., we strive to provide exceptional polyethylene bags, custom plastic bags, and shipping supplies at wholesale prices. Founded in 1992, we have gathered many years of experience in manufacturing poly bags and providing premium customer service. We serve businesses nationwide offering competitively priced products. In order to meet your needs, we manufacture bags suitable for promotional and industrial applications in a variety of styles and sizes as well as provide custom solutions. Creating partnerships with our customers, our suppliers, and the businesses we work with is something we value.

Impressing With Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are among the most common material in the world. Millions of new plastic bags are manufactured each day, and millions more are thrown away. Although plastic bags have recently received a bad reputation for harming the environment, there are still many applications where plastic bags are the perfect holding tool or even advertising method.

Plastic Bag Companies: Why They Will Remain

Although cloth bags are coming into style in our very eco-friendly society, plastic bag companies have nothing to fear. Plastic bags have infiltrated so many aspects of business, in industrial, commercial and residential settings alike, that they can never disappear. Also, the plastics used to make most plastic bags are very easy to recycle, which means that most plastic bag companies are already reducing their carbon footprints and ensuring that all of their customers are as well. Polypropylene and polyethylene, which are two of the most popular plastics utilized to manufacture plastic bags are both thermoplastics, which are long-lasting and very easy to remake into some new plastic product.

Plastic Bags: A Custom Edge

Plastic bags are products utilized in every industrial, commercial and residential context imaginable. With such a wide variety of uses it is no surprise that custom bag creation options are available. Although such an option is not a priority for most residential customers, who can find everything they need at the grocery store or hardware store, some industrial and commercial settings do require specially designed and manufactured plastic bags to suit very specific needs. Because there are so many types of plastic bags, it stands to reason that there are customizing variables for all of them.

10 Steps to Plastic Bags

Plastic bags, also called ‘poly bags,’ are one of those modern conveniences we take for granted. But 60 years ago, no one ever considered the question, ‘Paper or plastic?’ Back then, people also managed to get by without Ziploc® bags or dry cleaner bags. This was because the technology for creating polyethylene film didn’t emerge until the 1940s during World War II. And the methods to create plastic bags from polyethylene film weren’t developed until the 1950s. The most common way to produce poly bags is by blown film extrusion, also called the ‘tubular film process.’ In a moment, you’ll see how it got this name. Plastic bags are made from polyethylene. During processing, the polyethylene might be treated with any number of additives, such as…