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Troubleshooting Pipe Bending Equipment

In pipe fabrication, the bend quality of the pipes is extremely important. If the bends are weak or damaged, then the entire integrity of the pipe is compromised. When pipe bend problems occur, it is extremely important to fix the issue as soon as possible. Many factories think that expensive repairs and complicated machine adjustments are necessary to fix these issues, but before you rush to try a complicated solution, there are three simple areas to check that can help resolve the problem without expensive repairs or complicated maintenance procedures. If your pipe fabrication bends are not up to the proper quality, check the following areas before trying any other repair methods: Continue reading

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Tubes vs. Pipes

I feel as if the terms “pipes” and “tubes” are often used synonymously. Are the terms really interchangeable or do they both refer to separate parts for different applications? From what I’ve noticed, in the industrial setting at least, there are a few major differences when referring to tubes than referring to pipes. Basically the main difference between the two is tubes are typically used as structural supports whereas pipes are vessels used to transfer fluids and gases. All other differences revolve around this point. Continue reading

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