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Unrivaled Manufacturer and Distributor of Magnets.

Master Magnetics is an industry leader in the manufacture and distribution of magnets and magnetic devices for industrial, commercial, and consumer use. Our products include, but are not limited to Permanent Magnets, Flexible Magnets, Industrial Magnetic Assemblies/Devices, and Packaged Magnets for Retail. Our facility in Castle Rock, Colorado houses our large inventory and warehouses with over 15 million magnets in stock, along with two other production and distribution facilities. This ensures efficient and cost-effective delivery.

Permanent Magnets: Who Needs Electricity?

Since electricity was invented, it has been incorporated into nearly every aspect of human life. Every building is lit up like a Christmas tree by electric lights, and the technological gadgets that our society adores are all enabled by electricity. Even those gadgets run by batteries are a better deal if they can be re-charged with electricity. These are just two examples amongst a plethora of electric applications, which is why it should come as no surprise that electromagnets, which are magnets that only work when they have an electric current running through them, are popular. However, the electricity free magnets, known as permanent magnets, are equally as popular because they are a less expensive investment and also require less set up and maintenance when being used in an industrial setting, as many magnets are.