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Beverlin Manufacturing Corporation

Beverlin Manufacturing Corporation was founded in 1976 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Founded on the focus of precision-quality products and exceptional customer service, we have never wavered from our values. Beverlin Manufacturing Corporation is recognized as a worldwide leader in specialty perforated tubing, cones and assemblies for a wide variety of industries and applications. We always work collaboratively with our customers to help define and deliver solutions that meet their unique needs, whether it is an individual core or a complete product assembly. We are best known for meeting specifications, standards and schedules that others cannot or will not meet.

American Entrepreneur Hendrick Manufacturing Is Successful and Innovative

At Hendrick Manufacturing, we have a long and distinguished history of being American-made and family-owned. Founded by Eli Hendrick in 1876 to introduce a revolutionary perforating process, we have since expanded to include metal fabrication and finishing services. We continue to embody the innovation and professionalism of our founder by investing in technology, our workforce and improving processes in our LEAN manufacturing environment. Read more…

Astro Engineering and Manufacturing Trusted Metal Products for Over 25 Years

Astro Engineering and Manufacturing has been providing various industries with high-end metal fabrication products they can rely on since 1987. Our talented and experienced group of engineers, drafters, fabricators, welders, machinists, and production workers go above and beyond to manufacture high-quality fabricated metal products in our 30,000 square- foot facility. We specialize in delivering quality perforated metal products and screw conveyor systems specific to our customers’ requirements. As a family-owned business, our goal is to deliver great solutions and outstanding customer service to our customers every time.

“Agile” Perforated Metal Manufacturers

As is true for many industrial manufacturers, the need for perforated metal manufacturers to be ready to adapt to the needs of each customer is great. The word that best suits this attribute is agility. An agile perforated metal manufacturer is able to adapt easily to the varying demands of doing business with different kinds of customers. Granted, this attribute is expected of some kinds of companies more than others. A manufacturer of stock products, for example, doesn’t have to be ready to change much, especially if that company has a dedicated customer base. However, much of the demand for perforated metal parts is spread across many different sectors in the economy, and one customer’s needs could be vastly different from another.

Perforated Metals Have Many Uses

I don’t have a garbage disposal installed in my sink. And, because my dish-washing methods aren’t too intentional as far as avoiding drain clogging is concerned, every so often I find myself trying to fish oversized chunks of yesterday’s leftovers out of the sink so that the water will empty itself out. It’s an annoying and sometimes gross process, and it all could be avoided if I would remember to use my perforated metal drain catch cover every time I do dishes.

IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: McKey Perforating Company, Inc.

Good quality manufacturing is simply not enough for industry leader McKey Perforating Company. Rather, this reputable company is confident enough to claim they offer ‘perforation perfected’. If company growth is anything to go by, their bold statement is spot on. Headquartered in New Berlin, Wisconsin, with a recently expanded branch in Tennessee, McKey is a contract manufacturer and global supplier of perforated metals and laser-welded perforated tubes. Industries as diverse as construction, automotive, food processing and commercial laundry all benefit from the high quality products and services offered by McKey. With experience in the metal working field dating back 150 years, the team at McKey brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to its everyday operations. Woman-owned and operated, and a founding member of the standard setting Industrial Perforating Association, McKey maintains strict quality standards in all aspects of business.

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