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TEMCO Parts Washers Places Emphasis on Exceptional Customer Service

At TEMCO Parts Washers our goal is to contribute to the simplicity of all product-development efforts in the industrial parts washer industry. We find that too many customers are dissatisfied with customer service, complicated control systems, difficult maintenance procedures, and inadequate availability of parts from washer companies. That’s why we place an emphasis on providing our customers with high-quality, simple to use and easy to repair products. We’re making maintaining and repairing parts washers’ simple again.

Equipment Manufacturing Corporation: Proven Quality and Value

Equipment Manufacturing Corporation is a leading manufacturer of automatic parts washers and aqueous parts washers. With over 30 years of experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to construct the very best parts washers in the industry, and we are dedicated to providing the most value to our customers. Our company operates with the mission of incorporating the most desired features in the parts washers industry and making them standard features in our own products. Customers can expect the very best products in the industry, and they can expect to find them at a reasonable price.

Alliance Manufacturing, Inc. – Highly Innovative Parts Washers

Alliance Manufacturing, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of industrial parts washers with experiences dating back to 1994. Our highly advanced solutions are utilized in a number of different industries including: General Manufacturing, Alternative Energy, Automotive, Defense/Military, Dunnage & Containers, HVAC/Plumbing, Marine, Mass Transit, Heavy Equipment & Construction, Medical/Phram/Food, Electronics and more. Our company developed a new system which utilized a lift off canopy design resulting in easy access to the inside the clean systems.

Magnus Equipment: Keeping Parts Clean Since 1921

Beginning in 1921 Magnus Equipment has been providing their customers with quality products, services and proficiency for the cleaning of metal finishes. Magnus attributes their success to a hearty research and development department that is constantly working to develop new technologies and improve upon existing products. With this continued innovation and experimentation Magnus has built a reputation based on the durability of their products as well as the quality of care that they provide to their customers time and time again. With such dedicated staff, they strive to maintain their long held reputation, as far into the future as possible.