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Peter Krenitsky Joins Adwest Technologies’ Management Team

Adwest Technologies, Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of Peter Krenitsky to their sales and management team as their Western Sales Director based in Anaheim, CA. Mr. Krenitsky was previously Vice President of Sales for Munters Zeol in Amesbury, Massachusetts and has 23 years of experience in the field of VOC abatement and environmental consulting and is a graduate of the University of New Hampshire-Durham, NH. At Adwest’s Anaheim, CA headquarters and Technical Center, Pete will be focused on the marketing and sales management of Flameless RETOX Dual Chamber Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTOs) used for destroying volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which are emitted from a variety of industrial processes such as pharmaceuticals, printing, paint finishing, flexo packaging, aerospace, chemical processing, oil & gas processing, bakery oven, composites and carbon fiber manufacturing. Continue reading

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Oxidizers And Green Cars

The number of people looking for more fuel efficient and environmentally safe cars is constantly rising. With gas prices skyrocketing and the threat of global warming waving above our heads, people are finally being forced to take action. People want to save money in gas and help save the environment; it is no longer solely about having the “sweetest” looking and fastest car available. While The Fast and the Furious may always be a dream for many, it is no longer realistic for the majority. Since 1968, when national regulations on emissions became increasingly strict on cars, the industry has been trying to find the most environmentally safe options possible. The method to achieve this cleaner air is oxidizers, and they are being perfected everyday, the resulting in more efficient products. Continue reading

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Oxidizer Energy Recovery

The mainstream media today is full of allusions to energy awareness and conservation. Just as visible these days are media references to astronomical dollar figures that can boggle the mind. This article does not seek to break out of that mold, but rather to conform to it – as Oxidizer Stack Heat Recovery offers a tremendous opportunity for both energy conservation and energy cost reduction. Consider the following: At any hour of the day there are likely to be more than 10,000 oxidizer systems in service, using a high temperature reaction chamber (with or without catalyst) to treat the exhaust gases from a wide range of industrial processes… Continue reading

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How To Properly Maintain And Service Your Oxidizer

Your air pollution control system represents a significant investment in not only initial capital but also ongoing maintenance and operation. Routine inspections performed by your staff combined with thorough maintenance plans… Continue reading

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