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Where and How Diaphragm Pumps are Used

Longevity is important in many aspects of life. You want cars to last. You want relationships to be long and beneficial. You buy electronics and houses as an investment for long-term use. Items are expensive us lose, repair and replace, so you want to make sure investments are made well the first time. When you buy a diaphragm pump, it’s for the long run.

Vacuums For Every Occasion

Vacuum pumps are found in many different industries, and have a wide range of varieties. A traditional vacuum pump uses some sort of liquid to seal the moving parts. These oil-sealed vacuums are used when high intensity vacuums are needed. The oil used provides a seal between the moving parts, allowing the vacuum pump to do its job more effectively. Because of the oil used, it is important that the enclosure and the exhaust areas are not contaminated with oil. Manufacturers are constantly under pressure to find new ways to increase the profitability of their business production without compromising safety or quality.

Benefits of Oilless Vacuum Pumps

Many vacuum pumps use lubricant oil for seals, and this oil can cause troublesome back migration, oil mist and can make maintenance more challenging. One solution for some of these issues would be the use of foreline or roughing traps, meant to eliminate or reduce backstreaming oil from oil-sealed pumps. However, these usually have room temperature walls, allowing liquid oil to line inner surfaces. If the oil passes through to the system side of the trap, it will become a vapor source and entrance into the system is no longer preventable. In the long run, these traps can create more work- removing traps to check if oil is passing through and additional cleaning and maintenance. Oilless vacuum pumps, on the other hand, are completely clean-running and there are no traps to fiddle with. There is also no oil pollution or annoying smell, and there is no longer the cost and hassle of waste oil disposal. Some other advantages of oil-free vacumm pumps include increased efficiency, reliability, and flexibility.