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The O-Ring Store – Providing Exceptional Products and Services

Here at The O-Ring Store, we make getting O-Rings easy. With a new 6,500 square foot facility, getting O-rings has never been more accessible and affordable than with our company. As a family owned business, we take pride in giving our customers the best products and services in the industry, and strive to exceed all of your expectations. As we continue to grow, we plan on offering new products and services to enhance all that we already do offer. Let us help you find O-rings that suit all of your product specifications.

Preventing and Correcting Extruded Rings

O-Rings perform a critical sealing function in mechanics, and it is the combination of their flexibility and durability that allows for a proper seal. Outer diameter, inner diameter, and material composition and hardness are factors that determine the specific application of the ring. To ensure that you are creating an effective seal that will remain reliable over long periods of time, it is important to follow the diametrical clearances provided by O-Ring suppliers.

The Ultimate Seal

Instead of welding two pieces of machinery together for a permanent hold, some manufacturers opt for a temporary piece. Equally effective, o-rings can provide an air and water tight seal between the two pieces. The benefit is that it can easily be removed for part cleaning or modifications. In general, these products can withstand wide ranges of pressures, temperatures and tolerances. They are corrosion resistant and certain models can provide additional benefits, for example silicone o-rings are non toxic. The precise model of o-ring seal needed will depend on its future application.