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Metal Marker: Made in the USA Identification Products Since 1923

Metal Marker Mfg. has offered a wide variety of custom identification products since 1923. We make our products with pride in the USA. Our philosophy is to provide extraordinary value through high quality standards, to maintain a deep commitment to service, and to strive to be a low-cost producer in design and fabrication. We always take into consideration the long-term interests of our customers, our suppliers, our employees, and the community.

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Douglas Corporation Designs Stand Out from the Rest

Since 1933, Douglas Corporation has been supplying functional and unique nameplates all around the world. At Douglas, we believe in the power of image and the importance of function. What makes us unique is our design expertise and we make customers are our number one priority. During production, we offer ideas and use innovative technology to fabricate a unique and aesthetically pleasing product. Whether you are looking for vibrant color, elegant chrome plating, or a more classic look with marble, granite, and herringbone patterns, we have the ideal solution for your nameplate needs.

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Places for Name Plates

Name plates can be found in any professional office. They can be flat surfaced, those which are hung on walls or on the outside of cubicles to identify which worker works where. Also they are commonly found at the front and center of a desk. This style is most often seen in an A frame shape which allows for it to stand up without any help. Some name plates will strictly just have a persons name on it others will have the name with the title under it. Name plates are not only found in offices. Many school buildings have the classroom number with the teachers name plate right under it so students and visitors are aware of whose classroom it is. It can add a professional look to any building, office, learning center, museum or any other professional place just by adding name plates.

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The Marriage of Nameplates and Weddings

For anyone that is not familiar with the wedding planning process, I envy you. So much goes into it to ensure that everything runs smoothly on your special day. You decide on your DJ, your photographer, your cake, your venue, and the list goes on and on. I’ve often believed that if you can make it through the stress of planning a wedding together, you can handle pretty much anything.

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New Life For Name Plates

In a world of standard products, few items are purchased or ordered custom made these days because the price usually matches the prestige. However, some industries actually thrive on the specificity of custom work and are able to produce products with the speed and style to make it financially worthwhile without charging the customer an arm and a leg. The nameplate manufacturers are one such industry. Although they are also known for mass producing name plates that serve as labels on products such as cars, doors and musical instruments, customized plates are necessary in a variety of materials across a spectrum of price levels for various institutions.

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It’s all in the Name Plates

The naming of things does not require a plate, although it certainly is helpful. I do not need a name plate for people to know my name, but if I have one, it means that I am important enough in my workspace to be officially identified. Or it means that I am four years old, and my parents have bought me a super cool teal and glitter name plate to hang above my bed. Either way, as a single human being trying to earn a place in the world, at least a small part of the world, a name plate is a beginning, a sign of significance and prestige. Individual ego boosts in working and home environments are not the limit of name plate use. The realm of the consumer would be a difficult place to navigate without the presence of name plates. Like the signature of an artist or author, the brand name of a guitar or car should be stylishly emblazoned upon the product as homage to the maker. Exploring the specifics of personal office name plates as well as the product name plates and their biggest sellers establishes the nuances of this business and why they can mean so much to us.

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