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American Urethane, Inc. Delivers Unmatched Service and Superior Parts

American Urethane, Inc., is the leading supplier of urethane parts and components for various industries all over the world. Product engineers prefer our quality, custom-molded urethane components for a number of reasons. Our urethane components provide a longer service life when compared to rubber or plastics, and they also offer lower noise abatement properties when compared to metals. We pride ourselves on providing the most rapid response to quotes and inquiries, enabling us to deliver our quality components into your hands faster. Unsurpassed workmanship at competitive prices is what we deliver!

Injection Molded Urethane: When in Doubt

If you are purchasing molded urethane products and are not sure if you should mass produce them by way of urethane casting or injection molding, then you have a few things to consider before you make a decision. Polyurethane molding is a popular material for the production of a variety of products in a plethora of industrial settings. The elastic polymer has a chemical structure that can be fine tuned to result in numerous textures and levels of softness and hardness, which makes it a very unique substance. Once you have chosen the type of urethane you want, the next question is, how do you want to form it into your product?

Urethane Parts: For a Target Audience

Polyurethane, also known as urethane is a specific type of material that embodies a number of other material characteristics. These characteristics are what make urethane parts so popular in production industries. Urethane is an elastomer, which means its chemical structure can be altered to produce a foam-like texture or hard and solid plastic, as well as textures in between these two. With the environmental-resistance of metal, the flexibility of rubber and the easily altered structure of plastic, it is no wonder that urethane has the advantage on these other materials so often used in manufacturing industries.

Molded Urethane: Memory Foam

The manufacturers of memory foam produce a variety of comfort driven products for the residential and commercial customer. This form of molded urethane is well known as an excellent material for mattresses purchased by hotels and individual home owners or apartment renters as well as being used in other applications. In essence, memory foam is polyurethane that has been chemically altered in its molten state to create a material that has increased viscosity and density. Developed in 1966 for the benefit of aircraft cushions, the temperature sensitive material was found to take the shape of the object or person resting on it. After the weight is removed, the material slowly returns to its original shape.

Gallagher Corporation: Excellence and Innovation

Gallagher Corporation has nearly 50 years of experience manufacturing high quality polyurethane parts. We believe in creating quality-assured products, and we are proud to say we are ISO 9001:2008 certified. As an industry leading manufacturer of molded urethane, we produce thousands of OEM parts, and all of our solutions are fairly priced. Our engineers are available for product design assistance and can provide you with all kinds of unique custom products.

Why Should I Use Injection Molded Urethane?

Injection molding is one kind of molding process that has uses in industries from toy making to automotive parts manufacturing. Injection molding is one of the oldest forms of molding. Injection molding is simply the process of injecting a material, such as urethane, into a mold, forming an object.