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Metal Stampings of All Kinds by G&M Mfg.

G&M Manufacturing Corporation produces precision metal stampings. We are located in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, but we ship worldwide. In fact, over 40% of our sales are exports. G&M has been in business since 1967 and we pride ourselves on being a reliable supplier. Our manufacturing expertise and first class customer service make us a leader in the metal stamping field.

Larson Tool & Stamping’s Dedicated Staff Delivers Outstanding Quality.

Founded in 1920, Larson Tool & Stamping Company is a family-owned and operated metal stamping company. One thing that sets us apart from other companies is our capacity to meet delivery schedules with superior quality products at competitive prices. Because we employ a stable, flexible, and loyal workforce, we are able to expand our resources to meet extreme challenges. The combination of dedicated workers, the latest technology, and control of all in-house processes make it possible. Our capabilities are vast, we provide services such as forming, stamping, deep drawing, assembly, and many more.

A Positive Journey in Achieving ISO 9001/AS 9100: All-New Stamping Company

ISO Certification – Don’t Go It Alone! When companies attempt to achieve ISO certification, they quickly realize it requires a huge company-wide effort. Also, the improper implementation of industry compliance can over-complicate processes and increase costs, which diminish the value of an ISO 9001:2000 certification. Bear in mind that the motivation behind this official recognition is to enhance the value and market strength of the company. This is done with a well-documented and followed set of procedures that define the processes resulting in the delivery of quality products and services. With continuous improvement imbedded in ISO requirements, obtaining the certification demonstrates a commitment to quality that lowers overall costs. This reflects a positive image to customers and the company’s stakeholders. Most firms struggle in completing this effort. A viable solution for companies getting it done right, and in a timely manner, is to enlist an experienced expert to help them implement their ISO 9000-based quality system. This case study provides an example of how this was done…and in record time.