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Over 100 Years of Experience with Acme Metal Spinning

Since 1908, Acme Metal Spinning has developed a reputation for our reliable and exceptional metal formed spinnings into conical, hemispherical, and cylindrical shapes. As one of the largest metal spinning manufacturers in the Midwest, we have discovered new metal spinning techniques in order to be more economical and innovative. Our complete in-house CNC equipment allows us to offer spinning capabilities not found in other shops. Our equipment includes processes such as trimming, cutoff, beading, hole punching, flanging and finishing as well as typical spinning equipment.

Metal Spinning: A Cost-Effective Process

Ever notice that chandelier hanging from the ceiling or that metal bowl in your kitchen? Chances are that those items were manufactured through a process called metal spinning. The metal spinning process, also known as spin forming, is a cold metalworking process. In some ways, metal spinning is similar to other turning processes and can involve equipment similar to screw machine products, which historically have been made to manufacture fasteners, or lathes, which can be used for many purposes. These processes differ from other types of metalworking because they are performed at or near room temperature. Hot metalworking process is done at the recrystallization point that could cause the metal to oxidize and drastically change the metal’s properties.

CNC Metal Spinning: Fully Automated

How were items completed without the use of computers back in the day? It is amazing how civilizations such as the Mayans could build Chitzen Itza, the Incans could build Machu Picchu and the Egyptians could build pyramids that are still standing today without the use of computers or modern technology. The craftsmanship of those ancient civilizations are immeasurable, and in today’s day and age it probably would not be cost effective or time effective to make things the “old fashioned way.”

Stay Safe While Metal Spinning

Metal spinning is the process of spinning and shaping a flat piece of metal around a mandrel on a lathe to create a new shape for the metal piece. Many different items are created with the help of metal spinners, including industrial parts, cooking pots, teakettles, and automotive parts. Metal spinning can be very dangerous, so it is important to always keep safety as a top priority. One of the best ways to remain safe while using metal spinners is to wear the appropriate garb while performing the process.

Is Hand Metal Spinning a Lost Art?

Look at the two images below. How do you think those round metal disks are transformed into that perfect, beautiful trophy? Maybe some form of molding or welding, definitely with the use of heat. If that’s your guess…you’re wrong! It’s formed by metal spinning, a process that doesn’t use heat at all and looks just like forming pottery on a wheel, only with metal. It was once considered a true art form that took skill, practice and talent. It might surprise you, but metal spinning has been around since the ancient Egyptians, to form objects like bells, bowls, light fixtures and event trash can lids. Hockey fans should appreciate this process, since the Stanley Cup itself was originally a large goblet made by metal spinning.

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