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3 Types of Lab Vacuum Pumps

In the lab, various types of pumps are a necessity for creating various chemicals and processing dangerous substances and volatile liquids. The vacuum pump is ideal for transporting volatile liquids from one place to another because it is completely enclosed, and able to process the items without damaging the system. Vacuum pumps can also quickly and efficiently move a variety of different kinds of viscous liquids. However, not all lab vacuum pumps are alike. Lab vacuum pumps manufactures actually have three different types of lab vacuums that are ideal for various uses in the lab:

Vacuum Pumps Span Multiple Industries

Vacuum pumps play a versatile and significant role in many industrial and manufacturing processes today. Its versatility spans industries such as aerospace, the military, electricity, medical, chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, coating, dental, waste water treatment among many others.

Laboratory Vacuum Pumps: Researching the Cure

Think of everything that happens in a lab: A patient’s biopsy is diagnosed, a new pharmaceutical drug is developed, a cure for cancer is found, a new stain-fighting clothing detergent is mixed, a high school student dissects a frog or a rat for the first time. Many things happen in a laboratory whether it be medical, exploratory, scientific or educational and it is critical that lab equipment is both dependable and well-made, because someone’s life may depend on it.

Medical Vacuum Pumps Save Lives

I used to want to be a doctor, but, as it turns out, I get a bit woozy at the sight of blood. Seeing doctor shows like ER, Grey’s Anatomy and House, I thought about how cool it would be to help someone when they are sick. I wanted to help cure their ailments, to perform surgery and take away their pain. I imagined myself saying, “Suction, please” just like they do on television. I still think the idea is cool and would like to do it, but my squeamish tendencies around blood inhibit my ambition.

Vacuum Pump Manufacturers Contribute to Industry

Vacuum pump manufacturers are important contributing members to industry for several reasons. Vacuum pumps are used for a multitude of applications. In fact, some applications would be down right impossible without them. For example, vacuum pumps that are used in a medical or laboratory setting. These types of vacuum pumps are very small and they take out as much atmosphere as possible out of an enclosed container. As a result, a lab researcher is able to create different environments in which to study. For example, a specific bacterium may do extremely well in an environment with no oxygen. In order to study that bacterium, a scientist would have to evacuate all oxygen out of the test chamber. This kind of study would be impossible without vacuum pumps.