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Lincoln Industrial Corporation: Worldwide Provider of Lubrication and Pumping Systems

Lincoln Industrial Corporation is the largest and most successful company in our field because our customers have continually relied on our lubrication and pumping systems for over 100 years. Our team develops new products and systems at research and development facilities in the U.S., Germany and India allowing us to provide global solutions.

Make Smooth Moves Through Lubrication Systems

The Wizard of Oz’ is one of the most famous films ever made. Its characters are familiar to many: the Wicked Witch, the Wizard and of course, Dorothy and her companions Toto, the Scarecrow, the Cowardly Lion and the Tin Man. Over the years they have become cultural icons that can be identified by fans of all ages. The Scarecrow, as most people know, desperately seeks a brain while the Lion desires courage. The Tin Man wants a heart but there is also something else that should be on his wish list: a lubrication system. Though that does not fit in exactly with the storyline, this poor woodman suffers from chronic rusting when exposed to rain, tears or moisture. It is a persistent threat for him and indeed, when Dorothy finds him, he cannot speak or move because his joints have rusted shut.

Lubrication: The Greener The Better

Manufacturing practices are becoming increasingly more scrutinized for their effect on the environment. Real changes are underway in the area of emissions, byproducts, packaging materials, fluid selection, and power consumption – to name only a few. While environmental payback may be the goal, many of these initiatives encounter obstacles, not the least of which is additional operational costs. Not so with lubrication – the greener the better. Utilizing very small amounts of lubricant at controlled intervals is productive for a number of reasons…