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Making Monuments from Wax

Wax casting is an ancient casting process that facilitates the process of creating thousands of objects each day. A huge variety of objects are manufactured with wax casting, from toilets to delicate figurines. What many people may not realize, however, is that wax casting is also used to make monuments and statues for decorative purposes, especially for large-scale monuments including war monuments and any other statue with a high level of detail.

Lost Wax Casting

Casting wax is the wax used to make molds and impressions for the construction of ceramic parts and metal parts. In general, the casting wax process consists of creating a mold slightly larger than the final desired size, pouring wax into the mold, removing the mold, pouring ceramic around the wax, allowing the wax to harden, melting the wax, then pouring the final material into the mold to harden. This casting process is known as the lost wax process, and is one of the oldest forms of mold creation in the world. The reason why this process is still in use today is because it is one of the most customized molding processes in the world. With lost wax casting, it is possible to create a huge variety of parts and pieces from metal and other materials.