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Should You Use a Liquid Ring Pump?

Industrial vacuum pump suppliers stock vacuum pumps in a variety of sizes and types for a variety of uses. One typical vacuum pump that most suppliers offer is the liquid ring pump. A liquid ring pump rotates a vaned impeller to compress gas inside the pump in the cylindrical casing. Water is fed into the pump by this action, which forms a moving cylindrical ring inside the casing. This rink seals the space between the impeller vanes of the pump, forming compression chambers. This causes air to become trapped in the compression chambers, which is then compressed and sent to the discharge port. The cycle then starts over.

Liquid Ring Pumps Explained

A liquid ring pump is a type of vacuum pump that operates using a rotating positive displacement pump. These vacuum pumps are most often used to remove excess liquid during a manufacturing process. The pumps can also be used as a gas pump in some circumstances. These vacuum pumps have a huge range of use in many industrial processes from paper manufacturing to food production.

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps are Vital to Industry

Liquid ring vacuum pumps are also commonly referred to as water seal vacuum pumps. These vacuum pumps utilize a rotating positive displacement pump to perform its main function. With a low friction design, the liquid ring pump has only one moving part: the rotor. Therefore, sliding friction only happens to the shaft seals. The function of a liquid ring vacuum pump is similar to a rotary vane vacuum pump. It is possible that the liquid ring pump most widely utilized vacuum pump in industry, the liquid ring vacuum pump provides a simple design that can safely manage combustible gases through isothermal compression.

The Usefulness of Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

The liquid ring vacuum pump is a useful tool that many factories require for land remediation, distilling, desalination, and more. Liquid ring vacuum pump manufacturers are able to manufacture pumps that have long suction lines without compromising suction quality. This makes liquid ring pumps highly cost effective and have short pay-back periods for the companies that use the pumps. Many industries can use the ring pumps to pump combinations of liquids, solids, foams, and air, which makes the pumps even more versatile.