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Should You Use High Level Switches?

In most cases, factories have the chance to choose between a high level switch or a transmitter for applications where both sensors can be used. For example, a factory could use both a high level switch or a transmitter to sound an alarm if the level of a liquid gets too high. So when both systems can be used, which is better for the job?

The What, Where, and How of Displacer Level Switches

Displacer level switches are level indicators that use the technology of buoyancy to detect liquid levels. A spring is loaded with weighted displacers that are heavier than the liquid. The displacers are immersed into the liquid which causes buoyancy force to change the net force on the spring. This causes the spring to compress. When the spring compresses, a magnetic sleeve compresses, and actuates a switch mechanism. This causes the switch to turn on or off, depending on the programming.