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Spring Mills Manufacturing, Inc: Innovative Labeling Systems

Located in Spring Mills, Pennsylvania, Spring Mills Manufacturing, Inc. was incorporated in October, 2012 and purchased the rights to manufacture the Gettig Tape and Labeling Systems in December, 2012. As the exclusive manufacturer of the Gettig Spot Taping and Labeling Systems, we are a leading company providing innovative, proprietary and patented techniques for products and services. The majority of our offerings consist of custom tape and labeling equipment to be used in applying pressure sensitive tapes and labels. They include the Gettig 7600 Bench Model Economy Legend Entry Labeling System, the Gettig Semi-Automatic Spot Taping Systems, an assortment of pressure sensitive tapes, and push to mount wire harness clips for the industrial markets.

The Need to Know About Labeling Machinery

Labeling machinery has been a life saver in the industry and in residential use as well. We see labeling machinery in electronics, pharmaceutical, packaging and shipping, agriculture, food and beverage, chemical, medical, and many more industries. Common machines are label printers, makers, dispensers, and applicators. You may see these even around the office, labeling equipment. There have been a variety of different labeling machines and the industry is continuing to grow. It is important to find the differences in the wide array of labeling machinery. Knowing the ins and outs can save you time and money in the long run.

Elmark Packaging, Inc.: Application Specific and Affordable

Elmark Packaging, Inc. is a global supplier of outstanding labeling equipment and marking solutions. Our products are supported by a highly trained staff and years of experience. From concept design of a new label to long term maintenance assistance; our experts at Elmark Packaging are available to help. Our company has a manufacturing goal: to make solutions application specific and highly efficient, yet affordable. However, if a custom solution is required then our engineers will work with customers every step of the way to create an optimum labeling or marking product. Elmark Packaging utilizes a large network of representatives which means customers will receive their products in a timely manner.