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Neutralizing Threats

While air ionizers that are used to eliminate dust and allergens in the home have been called into question lately, commercial air ionizers are often used for a different purpose and should not be scrutinized in the same way. In the home, air ionizers produce negative ions, which are attracted to positively charged particles like dust, smoke, bacteria and pollen. Once these particles are ionized they settle onto grounded surfaces such as walls and floors. This is where most criticism comes into play, as it is pointed out that ionization does not remove these harmful particles only displaces them where they can often be kicked back up into the air. However, a commercial air ionizer is usually used for the purpose of eliminating static electricity in a manufacturing environment where products are extremely sensitive to electrostatic discharge (ESD). Continue reading

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Clean Air and The Products to Help

In industry, ionizers are devices designed and used to generate positive and negative ions. These ions are then blown across work surfaces in an effort to neutralize potentially damaging static charges on objects that are located on the surface. However, in the commercial and domestic industries, these items are often found employed to improve air quality. In homes and other places, they are often used to eliminate dust, pollen and smoke. Ions are found naturally in nature, but the problem is, the places they are found are waterfalls, ocean waves and streams. Meanwhile in cities, with large volumes of pollution, the number of ions that occur naturally are not enough. More are needed to properly filter the air, and this is where a commercial ionizer can come in handy. Continue reading

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Air Purifiers and Ionizers

Living in Michigan, most have probably noticed the insane increase in allergies. For three months I seemed to be battling one of the worst colds of my life. Finally, the air has gone back to normal for the most part, occasionally the pollen will flare up again, but it is mostly stabilized. One thing I had considered for awhile was to purchase an air purifier to make breathing a little easier. In industries however, an air ionizer might be of more use. Ionizers, or often called ionized air blowers, are products able to generate positive and negative ions which are then blown to neutralize potentially damaging static charges on objects. They can be used to improve air quality through eliminating dust, pollen and smoke. Continue reading

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Ionizers: The Neutralizer

Calling an environment a neutral space can refer to many philosophical and physical layers of that environment. For example, a neutral space may mean it is a room where nobody is allowed to yell. In war, the ground between two opposing trenches is known as “no man’s land”, which is a neutral zone. Outside of philosophical renderings of space, a space that is neutral can also be in reference to the lack of static in the air, which would cause uncomfortable shocks for employees and possible electric damage to equipment. This physical aspect of a neutral space is not always natural, but sometimes requires a neutralizer to get the air clean. One such product is an ionizer. Continue reading

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Ions to Ionizers

Remember back in chemistry class in high school, or maybe even college… when you would learn about things like ions? If you are like me, while you recognize the term you have no idea what on earth it means. Chemistry was one of those courses that while I did great in during the term, I forgot everything I had learned immediately after the final class. For a refresher course ions are an atom or molecule. What makes them unique is they have either more or less electrons than a regular atom or molecule. This provides them with an either positive or negative electrical charge. So how do they apply to static eliminators? They accomplish this in the form of an ionizer. Continue reading

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