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Kovatch Castings: Premium Quality Investment Castings

Kovatch Castings offers more than just investment castings, we offer the highest dedication to quality in the business. We make it our mission to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations and to form partnerships rather than just business transactions. We believe in the philosophy that “any idea can become a reality in metal”, and we use our expertise and extensive knowledge of alloys and castings to make your ideas a reality.

IQS Featured Profile: Modern Aluminum Castings Co, Inc.

Since our start in1919, Modern Aluminum Castings Co, Inc. has been a leader in the aluminum castings industry. We have developed into the one stop source for aluminum castings that come in a large number of varieties. You can rely on Modern Aluminum Casting’s for your complete finishing needs. Modern Aluminum Casting’s business is built on traditional craftsmanship, and backed by our skilled and knowledgeable employees. This impressive combination of skill and technology leads to our customers receiving the best experience and products that go above and beyond their expectations.

How Investment Castings are Made

A wide range of parts can be created by the investment casting process. Industrial products, commercial products and even consumer products are regularly produced by investment casting operations. Typically, investment casting is used for the creation of products with complex profiles in comparatively limited quantities. This can make investment casting somewhat more expensive than other metal forming processes. However, investment casting also produces products that require minimal surface finishing, and it can create products with more precision than other metal forming varieties.

Copper: Made for Copper Investment Casting

My family used to make regular trips to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan each Memorial Day. First we would travel to Mackinac Island, and from that point we would head to our hotel in St. Ignace. One year, at some point during our trip, at a gift shop I bought a little plastic box filled with pure copper flakes. I still don’t know why this appealed to me. I don’t know where the box is now, and I have no desire to search for it. After all, that souvenir caused problems for me. When I returned to school after vacation (this was in early elementary school), I brought the copper with me to class. For some reason, don’t ask me why, I thought it would be a good idea to chew on them in class. I was lucky for two reasons that day: my teacher noticed almost immediately and stopped me, and copper is highly malleable.

Still the Best? 3 Reasons to Choose Investment Castings

With all the different manufacturing methods out there for stainless steel, it is surprising that investment casting still exists. Investment casting is one of the oldest forms of metalworking, and requires many steps that other metalworking industrial manufacturing processes do not. With investment casting, first you have to make a mold of the desired product a little bigger than the desired size of the finished product. Then you have to make a wax cast of that part. The cast is then covered with a ceramic mold material. The wax is melted, and then metal is poured into the ceramic mold. After cooling, the ceramic mold is broken and the metal part is exposed.

Investment Casting Soars Despite Misconceptions

Although one of the world’s oldest metal fabricating technologies, investment casting (sometimes known as ‘lost wax’ casting) has in recent years been subjected to a few misconceptions, ironically these fallacies have probably caused many who could have benefited most from this process to rule it out…

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