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Eraser Makes Cable, Tubing, and Wire Processing Equipment

Few companies can claim to be family owned and operated, with products made in the USA, and more than 100 years of experience. The Eraser Company, Inc. is a leader in manufacturing machines to process cable, tubing, and wire. We are a well-managed, technically competent company. We provide the highest quality and dependable products with the best delivery at competitive prices. Additionally, we create an environment that encourages individual and group development and rewards excellence.

Do’s and Don’ts of Infrared Saunas

Sunbathing exposes the skin to harmful ultraviolet radiation. Infrared saunas provide a safer heating option but not without its own dangers. If used repeatedly the infrared heat used to heat the sauna can cause skin problems. For example, constant heating causes skin cells to crack open and release pigments. This leads to skin blotchiness, something that used to be associated with people who spent large amounts of time in front of natural fire places.

Infrared Heaters: Marketing vs. Science

If you consume any media during the winter months, you’ve probably seen or heard at least one infomercial for indoor infrared heaters. Often these ads make some pretty impressive-sounding claims, such as “heat your whole house for just pennies a day!” Some consumers are bedazzled by these claims and run to the phone to order what they believe to be a magic heater. Other viewers react with a cynical snicker, pointing out – correctly – that all electric heaters are virtually 100% efficient, and dismissing the whole infrared thing as sillly marketing hype.

Infrared Heaters Companies: Your Best Angle

Every company chooses an angle to focus their advertising strategies on, and if it is going to be a successful campaign it needs to be birthed from the needs of the customer. For infrared heating companies, the customer and their needs may vary depending on which market the company is targeting. Because infrared heaters may be utilized in residential environments, commercial environments and industrial environments, there are a plethora of specifics that infrared manufacturers might focus their advertising on. However, there is one major market element that will appeal to all three contexts. The increase in cost of energy sources makes heating a problem for individuals and companies alike.

Intek Corporation Offers Energy Efficienct Infrared Heaters

Intek Corporation is a creative manufacturer of industrial space and process heating units. Intek Corporation has over 35 years of experience and we are working hard to develop the newest technologies in our industry. We have patented the technology for highly energy efficient electric infrared panel heating devices which are more versatile compared to conventional electric space heaters. Our outstanding heating elements can be engineered with customers’ production goals in mind and the professionals at Intek Corporation are well-versed in designing our infrared heaters to match application requirements. You can count on Intek Corporation to supply only the best!