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Industrial Options for the Environment, Privacy and Protection

I feel like it is a topic I talk about far too often, but recycling is really something that all businesses should get in the practice of. With global warming constantly hovering over us, it is a simple way to make a beneficial change for the world. It helps to reuse products instead of simply throwing them in landfills where they will sit for years before beginning to break down. One incredibly easy item to begin new recycling practices with is paper. Offices and industries typically go through massive amounts of paper each month. Instead of tossing it in the trash, it can be stored to be sent to recycling facilities instead.

The Shredding Options

Shredders are used on a daily bases by many different people and in many different industries. They serve a variety of purpose and range from a small to large scale on their abilities and uses. Whether is be private papers that need to be destroyed for privacy reasons or the breakdown of large materials for recycling reasons, shredders make this process a whole lot easier. A small scale shredder is great for things like occasional paper shredding in the home or office. On a large scale there are industrial shredders that can handle large quantities and big objects. Some companies will have their own shredders in place for their own use, others hire recycling and shredding companies for assistance with this.

IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: WEIMA America, Inc.

Solid old-fashioned values have propelled WEIMA America, Inc. into one of the most popular arenas of modern society, recycling. WEIMA is a company devoted to the designing and manufacturing of shredders and briquettes, both machines that transform waste materials into useable goods or alternative forms of energy. Constantly seeking new applications for our equipment to further the recycling phenomenon within the industrial and commercial contexts, we are also concerned with providing precise and efficient production machines and services. In the last 25 years, we have been providing the North American market with eco-friendly and cost-efficient technologies that we strive to improve on a daily basis.

Are You Going to Shred That? Industrial Shredding for a Greener, More Secure World

Two buzz phrases that you couldn’t possibly have missed in this new millennium: ‘Going Green’ and ‘Identity Theft.’ In this environmentally and privacy conscious world, industrial shredding is in high demand. It’s not simply about destroying sensitive documents or reducing the size of waste to make more room in trash bins and dumpsters; industrial shredders and grinders make an array of discarded materials viable for recycling and reuse…