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TEMPEST: Durability in Every Design

TEMPEST, Inc. is an international manufacturer of engineered industrial chillers and heat transfer systems. Our engineering department is experienced in manufacturing the best industrial refrigeration, chillers, heat transfer and fluid pumping systems. Our design team uses state of the art programs to incorporate energy conservation, heat recovery and central control to provide peak efficiencies. At TEMPEST we design systems to serve a multitude of industries, including chemical and industrial manufacturers, pharmaceutical, rubber, food processing and ice rinks to name a few.

How to Choose an Industrial Chiller

A chiller is an important part of many industrial processes, from cooling metal, to plastic, and even food products. Many different kinds of factories employ the use of chillers, but the process of choosing a chiller remains the same from factory to factory. Chiller companies may a variety of chilling machines with different sizes, uses, and capabilities. It is up to the factory using the chiller to choose a chiller that is the right size and has the right power level for the desired chilling process.

How to Buy Used Chillers

Buying used instead of new can be good for a lot of reasons. Buying used instead of new is easier on the wallet and on the environment. Garage sales and resale shops are good for this very reason because I love saving money (and hate wasting it) and I love helping the environment because fewer resources are used when purchasing and utilizing a used object such as clothes, a computer, dishes, electronics and books, just to name a few. Often times, in industrial environments and applications, businesses opt for used equipment, such as a chiller, for example because it is less expensive than buying a new one.

Stationary Chillers: Centrally Located

A stationary chiller is a chiller that does not have a pump or tank directly attached to it. The basic composition of a stationary chiller is a single chiller unit that stands alone. A connection from pipes to pump and a separate water reservoir are required in order for the stationary chiller to properly function. A stationary chiller can be small or large, ranging from two tons to possibly more than 250 tons.

IQS Featured Profile: Smart Family of Cooling Products

Smart Family of Cooling Products was launched by well known air conditioning and industrial refrigeration company Combined Refrigeration in 2010. It was started by a group of equipment designers and engineers with years of knowledge and experience in the HVAC and process cooling equipment industry. These talented engineers and designers came together with their expertise in various areas to develop specialized and valued products for the industrial process cooling, specialty air conditioning, and temperature control equipment fields. Combined Refrigeration was the number one sales agency for the market in their first year of business and has continued to expand and grow. Smart Family of Cooling Products is an important part of that expansion.