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Exploring Hydroforming

Hydroforming is a specific method used to shape ductile metals, such as aluminum, stainless steel, low alloy steels, and brass into particular shapes using a combination of die pressing and fluid injection. Hydroforming transforms the metal into a desired shape without the use of heat, which allows the metal to retain a high level of strength.

Hydroforming: Another Cold Working Process

A widely used process in the automotive industry is hydroforming. Hydroforming is also referred to as hydramolding and is mainly used to make lighter and stronger unibody vechicle structures. It is especially used in the high-end sports car industry. It is also used to shape the aluminum tubes of bicycle frames.

Hydroforming New Drive Shafts

Hydroforming is the process of shaping somewhat malleable metals into unique shapes and pieces. In the process of hydroforming, a piece of metal is placed inside an enclosed mold. Water or another fluid is then pressed into the mold, which adds pressure and weight on the metal piece. The metal then takes on the shape of the mold.

Creating Quality With Hydroforming

Chances are, many of the things that you use or come in contact with on a daily basis were made using a hydroforming process. The car you drive, the bike you ride and the airplanes you travel in all use hydroforming to build their products. Hydroforming is a cost effective process to shape metals, and it possesses many characteristics that make it a popular manufacturing choice for many different products and applications.