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Erie Press Systems

Founded in 1895, under the name Erie Foundry Company, we started with producing gray iron castings for Erie’s local stove manufacturing industry. Over a century of constant evolution has helped Erie Press Systems become a leading supplier of hydraulic presses and other custom engineering forming equipment. We began manufacturing hydraulic presses in the mid-1950s. Erie Press Systems has a wide range of hydraulic forging presses; our presses range from 250 to 9,000 tons and offer the advantages of faster stroking speeds. Our custom presses will help you reduce waste and increase efficiency, saving you time and money while still producing the highest quality parts.

High Quality Hydraulic Presses from New Jersey

Here at Grimco Presses, we manufacture high quality hydraulic presses in a variety of standard and specifically engineered models. All of our products are designed and manufactured in our state of the art facility in Paterson, New Jersey. Our 14,000 square foot facility is home to numerous CAD/CAM capabilities which allow us to provide our customers with custom solutions in order to fit the specifications and requirements that go along with their unique applications.

5 Reasons to Choose Hydraulic Presses

A hydraulic press is one of the most basic forms of manufacturing equipment still in use today. While there are many other machines that can perform many of the same tasks as hydraulic presses, many companies still choose to use presses in their manufacturing processes for a variety of reasons. Hydraulic press companies create thousands of variations on the basic press everyday, which makes the machine more versatile than ever.

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Car Crushing Hydraulic Systems

I proudly admit that I was a bit of a tomboy when I was younger. I practically lived in my travel soccer uniform and I dreaded the day my mom made me wear a dress to school picture day. I loved going to hockey games, and stood up on my seat and cheered whenever a fight erupted. One of my other favorite things to do was go to a local junkyard with my dad and watch cars get crushed. It might sound a little strange, but we came from a very small town and there just wasn’t much else to do for entertainment. Much to my mom’s dismay, I would come home all flushed and talking about how exciting it was to watch the demolition and about the cool sounds the cars made as they were destroyed. I’m sure she thought I was going to grow up to be a criminal.

Hydraulic Presses Companies: Knowing Your History

History is a vital part of our understanding of the world we live in. It is the foundation for social etiquette, the running of business and technological advancements, because without a thorough understanding of the past we can not build upon it to create something better. This is true for all industries, including hydraulic presses companies. Custom manufacturing is one of the major economical crutches during this time of limited sales on all fronts of business, but without an understanding of the equipment history and what your equipment is meant for, it is hard to innovate and create something hot and new.

Tips for Choosing the Right Hydraulic Press

Not all hydraulic presses are created equal. There are many types of presses for a variety of industrial uses. If you are looking into the purchase of a hydraulic press for the first time, you may be unaware of the type of press that you might need. Choosing the right press is not a difficult process, but it is helpful to know a little about what each kind of press does before purchasing any single press type.

Without Hydraulic Presses Manufacturing as We Know it Would Cease

The full range of today’s hydraulic presses is some of the most powerful and versatile manufacturing equipment. Achieving the highest compressive force of all the power presses, these machines are crucial for the forming and molding of a wide spectrum of materials: metals, plastics and composites, rubber, wood, and laminates. From deep drawing essential parts, such as tanks and fenders, for the production of motorcycles to creating 2,640 plastic credit cards per hour, the manufacturing realm would be lost without hydraulic presses. The scrap metal processing industry also relies on shear hydraulic press force to smash discarded cars and such into compact, manageable squares of reusable material for pop cans, paper clips, etc.