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Global Manufacturer of Environmental Test Chambers.

ISO 9001:2008 certified Weiss Technik is world leader in the design, manufacture, and modification of environmental test chambers including temperature chambers, humidity chambers, SAE dust chambers, conditioned rooms, and forced air ovens among others. Weiss Technik is a member of the Weiss Umwelttechnik group, which has been manufacturing environmental test chambers for over 50 years. Our headquarters is in Grand Rapids, Michigan and we have various locations in the United States and around the world for easy access to our customers

Know the Effects of Temperature and Humidity

As those living in central Florida in the hot summer months know, temperature and humidity can have a strong effect on basically everything. In those brutal months my mother always complains how the humidity alone makes her never feel dry. It is as if you just jumped out of a pool and have yet to completely dry off hours or days later… And then there is the hair expansion for those with curly hair… Personally I love the state of Florida so much I would be fine with it, but it is not for everyone. Other things that can be affected are the types of plants and animals that can thrive, electronic functioning and building construction.

Bad Hair Days and Humidity Test Chambers

If you have naturally curly hair, you know the crazy effect that humidity can have. For those who have not had this personal experience, perhaps you saw the Friend’s episode in which Monica’s hair expanded to a terrifying frizzy mess. Basically, humidity can have startling effects on the products it comes into contact with. This is one of the many reasons humidity test chambers are necessary for a variety of industries. Some of these industries include aerospace, military, automotive, medical and construction. These environmental test chambers are able to create humidity and moisture to see how the products will react or alter.

AGREE Chambers: Then and Now

It’s a safe bet that every product that is shipped from one place to another during the course of its lifespan will be subject to some amount of vibration. In fact, there’s no need to bet. Vibration is a reality for every product that meets that criteria, and that’s also true for a wide variety of industrial equipment that is never moved from one place to another. This is because almost any machine that involves the use of moving parts is likely to vibrate or rattle at least to some extent. In order to be able to predict the longevity of such products, industry professionals sometimes turn to AGREE chambers, which can be used to test the effects of vibration on a product.

Accurately Measuring Humidity in a Humidity Chamber

Manufacturers that produce equipment and products that can be impaired by humidity know the importance of testing such items in what is called a humidity chamber before their product ever reaches the customer. These controlled environments often subject the apparatus being tested to what is called a “breathing” process. This is when moisture from the air is pulled into the object, allowing for an evaluation of the product’s performance in regard to the resistance of moisture. In order to control and record the humidity inside the chamber, devices that measure relative humidity are required; and that’s where things get a little tricky, especially in chambers that continuously run at levels of high humidity.