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Custom and Stock OEM Parts from Hardware Mfg.

Hardware Mfg. sells factory direct OEM products such as latches and hinges. Stock parts as well as custom parts are available. We belong to several trade associations and participate in annual meetings to remain at the foremost edge of the industry. Furthermore, several of our factories satisfy all INCO 2008 standards. does not buy and resell, when you purchase from us you are buying direct from factories.

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JMC Jefco Manufacturing, Inc. Offers Reliable Custom and Standard Hinges

Few firms can match Jefco Manufacturing in the engineering and production of industrial, standard, marine and special hinges. We are small enough to serve our customers and large enough to supply their needs. With superior sales, service, and quality, we work with customers to meet their specifications. On the cutting edge of hinge types, we can produce practically any metal gauge, pin size, width & length.

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Delson Hinge Manufactures Exceptional Quality Stock and Custom Hinges

Delson Hinge Corporation, located in Southington, Ct., is the leader in hinge manufacturing. With over 50 years of experience, we have redefined the hinge making process to better help us meet our customers’ needs. We manufacture high-quality stock and custom hinges and we deliver them at competitive prices. With our quick turnaround times, exceptional personal and professional customer service, and our outstanding products, our valued customers enjoy ordering their hinges from us.

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Knuth Hinge Company: Affordable Precision Hinges & Latches

The experts at Knuth Hinge Company have been manufacturing quality hinges and latches since 1960 and this industry leader is continuously developing the most reliable products possible. Knuth Hinge Company works with their customers to develop the most robust solutions that work perfectly for their exact applications. This supplier will quickly respond to all of your requests within 24 hours. You are guaranteed to receive personalized attention no matter the size of your order. This company keeps your needs in mind and aims for the shortest lead times possible. From prototyping to value-added services Knuth Hinge Company provides it all!

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The Many Types and Models of Hinges

Hinges have been around since the medieval times at least, however they may have been around much longer than this. Back then, they were often used for tasks such as draw bridges. They have also been of use for cabinets and other items. They can be useful for providing rotation for many purposes and applications. For this reason, over the years countless models have been introduced. Examples include barrel hinges, pivot hinges, butt hinges, case hinges, continuous hinges, concealed hinges, butterfly hinges, flag hinges, strap hinges, H hinges, HL hinges and numerous other models. Each is able to provide its own attributes, making our lives much easier.

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