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Over 100 Years of Making Custom Gaskets at Excelsior, Inc.

Excelsior, Inc. is a manufacturer of custom gaskets and other precision parts. We started out in Rockford, IL. and are still located here over 100 years later. Our doors first opened in 1916 and a lot has changed since then. However, the one thing that has always stayed the same is our value proposition. We are dedicated to making high quality products that provide immediate and long-lasting benefit to our customers.

High Temperature Gaskets: Take the Heat

Can you take the heat? Based on the way the words “hot” and “heat” have integrated into mainstream slang in our society, we seem to associate them with strength and attractiveness. Simply put, anything that can withstand high temperatures has positive associations in our minds. Regardless of how this idea came about, the fact that heat-resistance impresses us contributes not only to our use of it in language but to what types of products and processes in the industrial realm we respect. Gaskets may not seem like an inspiring product at first glance, but when one learns about the damage to expensive systems these small products prevent the fact that they can “take the heat” is obvious.

High Temperature Gaskets Are On Fire

This has officially been the warmest July on record in the United States. Extreme heat calls for some special treatment, and in more situations than one. When it is really hot, you need to protect yourself from heat stroke by drinking lots of water and by staying out of the sun for a prolonged period of time. Weather experts advise you to limit your time outside and to not do any strenuous activity because the air quality is not as good as on a normal day. Extreme heat also causes complications in other aspects of life, one being in a manufacturing setting. In some manufacturing situations, you need specialized equipment that is capable of handling such extreme heat.