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Thermo Heating Elements, LLC: Heating Elements for All

Started in 1978 in Ingolstadt, Germany, Thermo Heating Elements, LLC is a recognized world-wide leader in flexible heater technology. With facilities in the United States and Germany, Thermo Heating Elements, LLC’s access to technical resources, including the world’s leading technical universities, researchers, and product specialists, is unparalleled. We produce all forms of heating elements including silicone rubber heaters, polymer thick film heaters, tubular heaters, ultraflex, mica heaters, kapton heaters and ceramic heaters.

American Made Heating Elements from Thermal Corporation

Thermal Corporation got its start in 1969 as a catalog-house and distributor of thermal supplies and has since expanded to the innovative manufacturing company it is today. Throughout the years, Thermal Corporation has been cultivating an extensive line of industrial heating products, which now includes thermocouples, insulation, heat exchangers, temperature measuring devices, coolers, custom heaters, and more. Ensuring superior quality has always been our main focus and we continue to focus on it by always looking to improve our processes.

Jen-Ter Wire & Element, Inc: Heating Elements and Lead Wires

Since 1946, Jen-Ter Wire & Element, Inc. has been a high quality manufacturer of heating elements and lead wires. Our highly regarded company serves customers in both the industrial and commercial sectors, for commercial and home appliances as well as industrial equipment. We are well-known for our high quality products and reliable service. Jen-Ter Wire & Element, Inc. provides innovative solutions that are both practical and profitable for our customers. Our wide range of manufacturing abilities as well as our extensive list of products that utilize our parts proves that Jen-Ter Wire & Element, Inc. has the solutions for any project.

The 4 Main Types of Industrial Heating

Industrial heating elements do not come in just one size or style. Different elements are designed for different uses. Each element type has a different shape and is made of different materials to produce different results. Depending on the size and shape of the element, they are used for a variety of processes and industries.

The Essential Heating Routine of Heating Elements

In a typical morning, millions of people across the globe follow a similar routine. Wake up, hot shower, blow dry the hair, iron the clothes out of the dryer, brew the tea or coffee, make toast for a quick breakfast or maybe even cook an egg or two if time permits. Aside from being the main elements of a morning routine, each of these activities has in common a different type of element. Heating elements are essential components to virtually every drying, heating, toasting or roasting application performed with electrical appliances. Though not always visible, these devices are responsible for the conversion of electrical energy into heat energy which is heavily relied upon in most homes, offices and industrial manufacturing facilities.