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Imperial Casting Company, Inc. Keeping Castings in America

Imperial Casting Company, Inc., was started in 1970 in Florence, Alabama. In a day when many castings are produced in Mexico or China, Imperial Casting Company is one of the few foundries left in this great country. We are proud to still be producing quality gray iron castings competitively for the American industry. We have helped American Manufacturers buy American made products and bring their castings to the USA for better delivery.

Great Lakes Castings Providing the Shortest Lead Times Since 1946

Great Lakes Castings, LLC was founded in 1945 and has been in continuous operation since April 1946. We have been producing high quality gray iron castings for over a half a century. Great Lakes Castings, LLC built our reputation as one of the nation’s premier high production domestic foundries, and continues to do so today. We serve clients throughout the majority of North America. Located in beautiful Ludington, Michigan, Great Lakes Castings, LLC is located on 26 acres with a 160,000-square foot foundry. Unlike our competitors, Great Lakes Castings, LLC is committed to timing and quality. That’s why we are focused on providing you with the shortest lead times possible. Your production orders are produced and shipped in 4 weeks or less.

When to Choose Grey Iron Castings

There are a variety of different castings that are made in the manufacturing industry. The industry has been using them for years and the molding process goes back thousands of years. Usually, most castings that are created share a vast array of similarities but it is important to always remember that castings are made for different purposes. Ending up with the wrong one could cost you, or your company, in the long run. Grey iron castings are one of the many castings in the market. They hold an interesting place compared to other castings such as steel, copper, and zinc. They are known for being the most frequently used casting material in the market and for being highly cost-effective. But what else makes them valued compared to others?

IQS Featured Profile: Modern Aluminum Casting Co., Inc.

Since 1919 Modern Aluminum Castings, Co has been providing metal castings made of all materials to OEMs worldwide. Since they first opened their doors, Modern Aluminum Castings Co, has been dedicated to providing solutions to their customers most difficult issues. They provide services such as grey iron castings, investment castings, aluminum permanent mold castings as well as many others. From concept to completion Modern Aluminum will work with you to come up with a custom designed casting that is sure to work for you!