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IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: Industrial Graphite Sales

Industrial Graphite Sales has been a leader in the graphite industry for many years. Over the last fifty years, they have worked to build a reputation in the industry that is based on high quality products and a mutual respect between consumer and company. Industrial Graphite Sales supplies bulk and machined graphite that are used for a number of different applications in the graphite industry. They welcome all challenges, and will find a solution that will work for any project you may come in contact with. Continue reading

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Graphite and Electrical Currents

For those who are not in the graphite machining industry or electrodes, anodes might not be a word you are familiar with. Anodes are an electrode. It is through these items that an electric current is able to flow into a polarized electrical device. Graphite anodes can be incredibly useful in conducting electrical currents to their polarized electrical devices. Often, they also go by cathodic protection anodes because of how they are a more easily corroded material. They are valued for their ability to protect the structural integrity of various buildings and structures. Their ability to prevent corrosion makes them ideal for underwater and underground systems. Continue reading

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