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PMA Friction Products – A Dedication to Excellence

Formally incorporated in 1979, PMA Friction Products has offered quality friction materials from the very start! Currently located in a 60,000 sq. foot facility in Batavia, Illinois, PMA offers fast response times and minimal startup costs by keeping all of the work in-house. We create a superior product by exercising control over the entire manufacturing process. We manufacture lo, mid and high-coefficient friction materials for brake and clutch components.

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Star Wars Toys to Riveting Machines

Like any young boy, I took a fancy to Star Wars. I simply loved the Stormtroopers and space ships. Although I sympathized with the Rebels, the Empire had way cooler uniforms. My favorite trooper in the Star Wars universe was the Scout Trooper. I even made a cardboard costume to wear to the Star Wars themed Physics Olympics in high school. Anyways, one Easter I received a Scout Trooper on a speeder bike that actually moved on its own. To make it run, I had to insert a zip cord and pull it out really fast. A flywheel stored the kinetic energy made by my zip cord and used that to propel my trooper forward.

Disc Brake Pads are a Valuable Innovation

Every time engineers think they’ve come up with new and innovative responses to challenges posed by the world, physics comes roaring back with another challenge. Engineering progress can seem like a two-steps-forward, one-step-back kind of arrangement. Consider the example of the automobile. Here you have a brilliant answer the problem of the need for speedier transportation in growing economies. But the minute you come up with the combustion engine, one of the most paradigm-shifting inventions ever, you have to come up with new engineering developments to deal with all the challenges that spring up as a result of this new development.

Friction Discs are Important to Industry

What do some bikes, automobiles and many kinds of movable industrial equipment have in common? Wheels? Yes. Gears? Yes. Frames, chains or belts, seats, steering mechanisms and oil? Alright, so they’ve got a lot in common. But they’ve also got something in common that might not immediately occur to everyone: friction discs. Friction discs are essential parts of the braking systems of an extensive variety of vehicles and equipment. They can be found mounted on axles of bicycles, automobiles and even sometimes in industrial equipment that involve parts that rotate at high speeds.