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The Flextech Advantage

For over 25 years, Flextech has been in the business of surpassing customer’s foam fabrication needs and designing premium products. Specializing in the design and development of innovative foam solutions, Flextech is the go to for the best foam products on the market. Our team of expert engineers utilize the most current version of Solidworks 3D CAD software, which is the ideal software for the design of both foam components and the tooling required to manufacture the prototype.

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Texas Foam Fabricator Can Do It All

The Heubach Corporation is a leader in foam fabricating and die cutting. Our company is in the Garland/Dallas area of Texas. We have over 24 years of experience manufacturing flexible materials and we understand the industry. Our products are used in the aerospace, orthopedic, medical, electronic, military/government, OEM, case/container, sporting good, and water sport industries. At Heubach we use modern equipment and hire skilled engineers. Accordingly, our team is ready to work with you from start to finish on your project. Finally, our suppliers are chosen as partners to guarantee high purity raw materials at the best prices.

American Excelsior Company: Foam Fabrication

American Excelsior Company boasts over 125 years of experience with foam fabricating, erosion control, and excelsior wood fiber. Since 1888 we have been delivering quality products to customers in a timely manner. Our first products were wood excelsior fibers manufactured from aspen trees. As technology and equipment advance, so do the offerings of our company. We operate the largest excelsior mill in the country located in Rice Lake, Wisconsin. Our headquarters is located in Arlington, Texas and we have eight other locations across the country. Our company serves a wide range of business in various industries worldwide, fulfilling their packaging, custom foam, evaporative cooling, and erosion control needs.

Tips for Choosing a Foam Fabricating Supplier

The world of foam fabricating is large and intimidating. There are hundreds of ways to fabricate foam, from cutting, to gluing, to compressing, and much more. Not all foam fabricating suppliers are created equal, however. Some companies provide much better service and products than others. How is it possible to find the right foam fabricating supplier for you? Follow this brief guide to help you eliminate some of the possibilities and find the best supplier for your needs.

IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: New Dimension Industries, LLC

New Dimension Industries got our start over twenty five years ago offering fabricated reticulated foam filters to a variety of industries in the filtration market. Our company now offers a number of foam products such as reticulated ester and ether urethanes, felted products, foam buns, and filtration foams. Specialty foams produced by us include medical foams, military safety foams, athletic foam as well as building materials and packaging foam. Our company has also expanded our reach to offer products like explosion suppressing fuel tank baffles, bioreactor media platforms and endoscopy tube cleaners. We also specialize in flexible plastics, fabricating conventional polyester and ployether, XLPE, and specialty materials like Magnifoam and Poron.