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Flexible Screw Conveyors for Moving Fine Materials

How do you move fine, granulated or powdery materials? Many times this can be a difficult task, but it does not have to be. To avoid spilling and contamination a product there is one kind of conveyor that is perfect for the task. Not only does this piece of equipment move products and materials laterally, but it also has the capability of moving them vertically and the line from Point A to Point be does not necessary have to be straight. If you have not guessed already, that piece of equipment is a flexible screw conveyor.

Basic Bulk Bag Filler Unveiled by Flexicon Corporation

BETHLEHEM, PA – The new Basic Bulk Bag Filler introduced by Flexicon performs low capacity filling operations at minimal cost, and can be upgraded with performance enhancements including a material delivery system integrated with the user’s process equipment or bulk storage vessels, says David Boger, VP Sales and Marketing. The new ‘Model BFB’ filler is a lighter-duty version of the company’s heavy-gauge Twin-Centerpost™ filler, a patented design with two on-center posts said to offer the structural integrity of four-post fillers but at significantly lower material and fabrication costs and with less weight. It also affords easier access to the bag spout and loops according to the company.