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The Greatness of Fiberglass

Fiberglass is a great material to use in many applications because to its durability and its light weight. Today the fiberglass industry is rapidly growing because of its unique versatile ability. Many boats are made out of fiberglass because of how light the material is. The only reason a boat floats is because of the displacement and fiberglass helps keep a lot of that extra weight to a minimum. Fiberglass has an amazingly smooth finish and has a very attractive look. If it gets scratched or damaged the fixing process is not too difficult to get repaired or even repair at home if the damage is not too incredibly bad. It is also a material that is very easy to clean. Any wax, polish or cleaner can keep fiberglass looking like new if it gets dirty. Continue reading

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The Fantastic World of Fiberglass Products

What do storage tanks, plumbing pipes, septic tanks, surfboards and boats all have in common? They all make use of fiberglass products in order to run and perform their purpose efficiently and effectively. Fiberglass is a very versatile material and can be used across a large number of industries. This material is very popular because it provides sturdy support and is durable under a number of conditions. Continue reading

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