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Corrugated Fiberglass Is On Top

Choosing the right roofing material for your shed or greenhouse is an important decision. Roofs of buildings take a large amount of sunlight, wind, rain, snow and heat exposure throughout the year, so picking a material that is able to withstand a high number of factors is important. For each type of project, certain roofing materials are better suited than others. Ultimately, the roof material you choose will depend on the roof you are covering, the durability you need, the price you want to pay and the overall look you are aiming for. Continue reading

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Fiberglass Pipe Basics

Fiberglass pipes are not completely manufactured from fiberglass fibers. In fact, most pipes that contain fiberglass are a type of Fiberglass Reinforced Thermosetting Plastic Pipe (FRP). These pipes have glass fibers that are embedded into the thermosetting resin. The purpose of adding the fiberglass to the plastic is to give the pipes additional mechanical strength and to make the interior walls of the pope compatible with the fluid medium traveling through the pipe. Continue reading

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