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Seeing Clearly With Fiberglass

The benefits of skylights are numerous. They provide extra natural light into the room through the ceiling, which makes for bright and welcoming homes and offices. They create the illusion of having more space in a home, and they take advantage of the natural sunlight and bring an element of the outdoors inside. They can be used in extreme situations, such as a dome like structure in observatories or churches, and also in a more subdued manner such as a skylight in the kitchen or bathroom of your house. Continue reading

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Corvette – An American Study in Fiberglass Panels

Dad really gets into purchasing new vehicles – not only is he a kid at heart, but he likes to share his hobby with the rest of the family. One of his very first loves was the Corvette, and we predict that he may purchase a newer model. His personal sense of style leads him toward certain body designs, and if you know anything about Corvettes, the body styles change drastically from one year to the next. The difference in the frame and look of the car continues to evolve and is certainly a staple of the Corvette. Continue reading

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