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Epcon Industrial Systems: Custom Industrial Ovens for Unique Requirements

Founded in 1977, Epcon Industrial Systems, LP has grown into a global leader in the air pollution control and industrial heating industries. With a focus on continuous innovation, we have designed and produced nearly 4,000 systems worldwide. We keep the highest level of quality control so that we exceed all the stringent demands of the industry. Nothing is too complex, and no size is too big for us. Fabricating custom solutions to fit your specific work environment is our specialty. Through our mission, “protecting the environment through technology”, we uphold our commitment to improve the quality of life for future generations by developing new and innovative products.

Dependable Industrial Ovens from David Weisman, LLC

For over 30 years, David Weisman, L.L.C. has designed and manufactured industrial ovens, dyers, and heaters. We strive to provide dependable, quality, cost-effective equipment. Our experience and capabilities encompasses a wide variety of systems. The last 18 years we have been dedicated to developing top of the line equipment for the process heat oven and finishing systems industry. Our expertise includes the design and manufacturing of preheat, cure, dry and post heat, post-cure ovens, gas and electric infrared heaters and infrared ovens, hot air convection ovens, walk-in batch ovens, bench-top lab ovens, UV ovens, and many more.

Wisconsin Oven Corp: Leader in Industrial Oven Manufacturing.

Wisconsin Oven Corporation has been a top manufacturer, designer and engineer of industrial ovens since 1973. The ovens we produce serve numerous purposes ranging from drying and heat treating to curing and finishing. Wisconsin Oven Corporation is owned by Thermal Product Solutions (TPS), a globally leading company in thermal processing products. We are located in East Troy, Wisconsin, south west of Milwaukee and northwest of Chicago.

Jackson Oven Supply, Inc. – Versatile Electric Ovens

Jackson Oven Supply, Inc. has been developing outstanding oven equipment since 2002. Over the years this manufacturer has designed and created superb oven supplies. Jackson Oven Supply, Inc. strives to exceed customer expectations by offering unprecedented services. This company will quickly delivery all products and they can install these innovations in a timely manner. Their highly trained staff can provide customers with on-site training to assure all customers are properly trained to successfully operate these machines. This company even offers services to perform preventative maintenance on your systems which greatly extends the lifetime of these items.

Electric Oven: The Oven Standard

Every product has a standard model that is used as a foundation to build similar products with variances for specific needs. Amongst the ovens used in the industrial, commercial and residential contexts, that standard model is the electric oven. Although it is not the original cooking model (that would be a basic fire, in a pit or fireplace) it has been the standard for the last hundred or so years. This is because it is a simple, low risk oven, mostly because it can only reach fairly low temperatures of heat. It is also a very dependable model. It comes in a variety of sizes, although the larger an industrial oven gets the less likely that it will be able to heat consistently and evenly with electric power. Therefore it is usually the smaller ovens, such as those in residential homes and for less intense industrial heating projects that are electric ovens.