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WATTCO Providing Turnkey Heating Solutions for Many Industries

When it comes to the fastest turnaround time for high quality electric heating products, look no further than Wattco. Sine 1969 Wattco has placed customer service as number one priority with uncompromising dedication to solutions, not just products. We understand the value of service and the needs of our customers, and we work hard to provide quotes within the hour, and to manufacture custom made designs in a day and deliver high quality products.

Electric Heaters: An Eclectic Bunch

You would be amazed to discover how many different types of electric heaters affect your daily life or help to produce products you use on a daily basis. Within the residential context, which is where most individuals will immediately recognize the positive traits of electric heaters, there are numerous styles that are used. Air heaters are often used for furnaces, which are able to heat whole homes or apartment complexes very comfortable. Ceramic heaters are usually used for portable space heaters, the heating choice for individuals with tighter budgets. These same sorts of electric heaters are also what make all commercial and industrial setting we step foot in bearable during the winter season.

Drum Heaters: The Heating of Vessels

Industrial drums are more common then the smaller versions used in domestic settings, which I am familiar with. However, the drum heaters that are able to heat whatever substance is inside a drum barrel, no matter how big or small, is essentially the same. The drum heaters that I have used and appreciated are crock pots and bottle warmers. Both of these drums are small enough to set on a counter top and both have to do with food, one for babies and one for all other ages. The bottle warmer is a metallic drum that is filled with water and heated to a very specific temperature so that the bottle of baby’s milk placed within it will reach that exact temperature too. A crock pot also requires very specific temperature controls since it slow cooks stew and related food and would not be worthwhile if it burned whatever was set in it to cook.

Thermal Devices: Industrial Electric Heaters

Thermal Devices is a trusted supplier of industrial heaters and electrical control products. Our company specializes in the sale and application of cartridge heaters and other industrial electric heaters. Our company is located in Mt Airy, Maryland and is committed to serving a wide variety of customers and industries. We are a member of the National Association of Electrical Distributors and part of the Association for High Technology Distribution. Our skilled team of designers and technicians work together to bring customers the best service and products the industry has to offer. Our extensive knowledge about the industry and products has helped Thermal Devices become a trusted name in heaters and electrical control products.

Hotwatt, Inc. Manufactures High Quality Electric Heaters

Hotwatt, Inc. is a manufacturing leader of electric heaters with over 60 years of experience. We offer a full selection of heating elements including: cartridge, air process, immersion, strip and finned stripped, tubular and finned tubular, band foil, ceramic heaters and much more. Our products can reach temperatures up to 1400°F (760°C) and come in a variety of sizes. Hotwatt, Inc. is proud to say that all of our products are manufactured right here in the United States. We maintain a large inventory of stock items which results in short lead times.

Electric Heating for Precision Heat Control

Electric heating can be found in many places around the average household. Space heaters are an economical solution for heating singular rooms in the winter. It can be costly to heat a whole house, especially one with poor insulation. Many ovens and kitchen appliances are electrically heated. Some homes can even attribute the water heating for applications such as dish washers, clothes washers and showers to electric heaters. As ubiquitous as electric heaters are in some households, electric heating is not reserved for the residential setting. It is also widely used by many industries.