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Advantages of Spring Displacer Switches

A displacer level switch is a type of level switch that works by displacement. Displacer switches have a variety of variations, including a special kind of switch for use with containers that have surface wave action. This kind of switch is ideal for use in sumps, tanks, and containers where there is a smaller variation in liquid level. This design uses a spring to activate the switch rather than a float actuator. These switches are also idea for use with liquids that also contain solid particles.

Practical Uses for Displacer Level Switches

Displacer level switches are vital for measuring the level of a liquid in a container. These switches use a system of springs and pressure to alert the operator to any changes in the liquid level. Usually, the switches are used to identify when a liquid is too high, but they can also be used to alert an operator to too low levels, such as in the case with a fuel gauge switch.