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Differential Pressure Switch Benefits

Pressure switches are very important in part in industrial machine equipment. Their job is to monitor the changes in fluid or gas pressure at any given time in a specific area. Some are automatic and can create a reaction if a pressure level has gone too high or too low and take care of the situation. Others set off an alarm so the correct action can be taken by a person. A few different types of them include adjustable, air compressor, differential, furnace, high, hydraulic, low, oil, vacuum, water and well pump pressure switches. These ensure that machines are maintaining the correct pressure levels for performance standards. If a machine is running at a pressure that is too low or too high it could to damage to it costing a company repair fees or even a replacement cost. Continue reading

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The Optical Zero-Differential Pressure Switch

Differential pressure switches are implements to detect changes in relative pressure between two points and are programmed to respond a specific way. Normally the switch will react with an alarm or automatically switch something on or off if differential pressure rises or falls to a set actuation point. This type of pressure switch is mainly used to keep pressures in various parts of a system equalized or to maintain the pressure disparity. These switches can be found in applications such as fuel cells and fridges. Continue reading

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Understanding Differential Pressure Switches

Differential pressure switches can seem difficult to understand at first. To the layperson, their name doesn’t immediately indicate what they are or what they do. The average person might have heard what a pressure switch is and does; it’s a metering and control utility that can control the flow of something and in some cases provide a meter reading as well. But knowing the difference between that and a differential pressure switch requires some specific knowledge. What is differential pressure, anyway? Continue reading

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Examining the Differential Pressure Switch

A differential pressure switch is a type of instrument that can covert a differential pressure change between two different systems into an electrical signal. Whenever the pressure increases or decreases in one of the systems, the electrical state of the switch changes. The switch can turn on or off depending on the programming of the individual switch. Many industries use these switches, including refrigeration, fuel cells, oil filters, and transmission filter heads. Continue reading

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