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DiMax Corp.: Rapid Service You Can Trust

DiMax Corporation is a trusted provider of first class die cut, CNC routed and molded parts and assemblies for small and large OEM companies. We go above and beyond to provide superior service and quick turnaround. We are a certified supplier of the U.S. Department of Defense Directorate of Trade Controls and several other leading industrial manufacturers. At DiMax, we pride ourselves in taking care of our customers.

The Jack of All Trades, Design Converting, Inc!

From Grand Rapids, Michigan comes Design Converting, Inc one of the most premier manufacturing companies in the nation. Design Converting offers a diverse selection of services and is your complete source for more than simply die cutting. In addition to their primary function, they are your complete source for fabricating, laminating, sitting & rewinding, screen printing, assembly, stamping, and packaging. There services do not stop there; they will work diligently to work with any material brought to them. They are committed to bringing the best in customer service and will even entertain suggestions for cost saving alternatives. As an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, they are hardworking professionals guaranteeing excellence with their products.

When You Need Die Cutting Services

A number of industrial manufacturing companies require the services of die cutting companies rather then purchasing the die cutting machines themselves. The difference lies in how often die cutting services are necessary. If your company produces credit cards, then owning a die cutter would be more profitable, since the cards themselves need to be cut and imprinted on a daily basis. However, companies such as medical supply manufacturers need die cutting services on a less regular basis, and owning, running and maintaining a die cutter would be more expensive then sourcing out the services. Die cut foam is often used to produce medical products like pillows, padding for beds and other various therapeutic tools. Since there are companies that provide mass production of die cutting products, it is easier for these types of companies to go to them with the dimensions of the products.

Baby Boomers and the Growing Medical Supply Field

We have come to a crossroad in the last twenty or so years, where the amount of elderly people requiring care from the medical industry has greatly increased, demanding growth in medical products for surgery as well as home care. This is partly due to how well medicine and surgery have done in extending our lives as well as the fact that the baby boomers are entering their later years. Between 1946 and 1964, a large increase in baby making occurred and the large generation was coined “baby boomers”. Now those babies are all grown up and demanding the same comfort that they have encountered all their lives from the medical supplies that are now becoming central to their interaction with the rest of the world, which is what happens when one gets old.

Thrust Industries: Providing Quality Assured Die Cutting Since 1971

Our company has over 40 years of experience manufacturing a number of outstanding products and solutions. Thrust Industries offers solutions for a wide range of industries including: medical, electronic, appliances, telecommunications, automotive and retail. Our company is committed to quality and we are ISO 9000 2008 certified. All of our products are thoroughly inspected and documented to ensure our customers are receiving the highest quality items available. This customer-driven company aims to not only provide our customers with outstanding products but we also strive to deliver all components in a timely manner. Thrust Industries has built a reputation over the years of quick turnaround and uncompromising solutions.

How to Evaluate Your Die Cutting Needs

If you are in the market for die cutting services, it is important to know exactly which kind of services you require. For example, there are various kinds of methods employed in the die cutting industry, ranging from rotary die cutting to waterjet cutting. Certain materials are better suited for particular methods of die cutting, hence knowing what you are looking to manufacture as far as die cutting services are concerned is paramount.