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Finishing Associates – Second to None in the Deburring Industry

At Finishing Associates, we provide innovative and turnkey solutions for the deburring and vibratory machining industry. Our Engineers are experts in polishing, radiusing, deflashing, blasting, surface improvement, edgebreak and deburring solutions. We are constantly improving and adding products to keep up with the ever-changing industry and provide the newest technologies available. We strive to not only provide environmentally-friendly solutions, but also solutions that are cost-effective and simple to use.

The Modernization of an Ancient Process: The Change in Deburring Machines

The deburring process removes metal burrs and other imperfections from metal parts, tools, and other machinery. The tumbler deburring process has been in use for hundreds, or even thousands of years. The original tumblers were used to remove rough edges from rocks, wood, and other natural materials. Since the deburring process has not changed much in hundreds of years, it is time for an update.

Giant Finishing, Inc: Worldwide Finishing Equipment

Giant Finishing, Inc. is a worldwide manufacturer and supplier of finishing equipment and vibratory deburring machines. Located in Wood Dale, Illinois, we are a family owned business with over 25 years of experience in the industry. Our goal is to provide quality equipment and quality customer service for all surface finishing needs. The company supplies equipment, chemicals, compounds, and finishing media to companies around the world but we mainly focus on North America, Central America, and South American markets. We strive to be the best manufacturer and supplier of mass finishing systems and vibratory deburring machines.

Types of Deburring Machines

The world of deburring equipment is surprisingly large. There are a variety of tools that manufacturers can use to remove unwanted imperfections, dirt, and rust from their machine parts. During the manufacturing process, factories often use deburring equipment to remove metal burrs from parts. Later on, a factory may use the same equipment with a different media to clean and polish the same parts.